Precisely How To Locate New Recipes That Include Nutritious Substances

There are more and more people these days returning to the “old fashioned” ways of preparing food, using old or original recipes which include fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Many have become vegetarian or even vegan, growing their own produce and ensuring that the food their families consume is fresh, clean and free of chemicals and preservatives. Even more people are making their own recipes for juicers and find that you can mix fruit and vegetable juices together, creating some delectable and unusual taste experiences.

Juicing provides you with nutritional benefits beyond measure – fruits and vegetables feed healthy muscle, organs, skin, hair – you name it, fruits and vegetables benefit it. And by juicing these food treasures, you are getting one hundred percent of all that nutritional value – value you do not get in commercial juices which have been heated to preserve them and to extend their shelf life.

To make your own juice, you do need a juicer. A blender will chop up your fruits and vegetables very efficiently but will not result in juice – you’re more likely to get a puree which has a gritty texture. Your juicer is designed to separate the liquid from the flesh which is what you want. You just toss in chunks of whatever produce you’re making juice from – and hey presto, you have juice. And you can use the discarded pulp for another recipe – no waste and it has all the nutrients you’ll find in the juice itself.

So now that you’ve decided to make your own juices, you’ll need juice recipes for juicers. You’ll can use your own creative imagination and combine your favorite fruits or even add some vegetables to make vitamin and mineral-rich juices. If you’re fairly new at juicing, here’s a tip or two for you – don’t try to juice bananas or avocados because their flesh is too soft and will clog up your juicer – keep them for banana splits and guacamole. But pretty well everything else has juice and therefore you can use them in your juicer very effectively.

If you’re considering juicing vegetables but you’re not excited by the taste, add a fruit to sweeten up the juice – consider a fresh peach or a lemon. Consider combining celery with strawberries or carrots with tangerines – the possibilities are endless.

Do wash your fruits and vegetables very well to remove pesticides and other alarming contaminants. You’ll need to peel citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines and grapefruit but lemons and limes can go in the juicer with their skins intact. Almost every other fruit or vegetable can be juiced in unpeeled chunks which is great news, because most of the nutrients you’re looking for are right there – in and under the skin.

Your juicer is your tool to good health because all those nutrients are there for the taking – just a few minutes of your time and you’ll find your skin clearer, your hair thicker and shinier, your nails stronger and your energy level higher. As well as improved metabolism and digestion. Welcome to the World of Juicers and help spread the good news!

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